LuggAgent 3 US Dollars Discount Code provide same day luggage delivery between Hotel/ Airport / Station. This service is available in over 50 cities worldwide including some popular destinations like Taipei, Thailand, Japan.


The best about using this service is that you can save more time to traveling and don’t need to worries about taking care of your heavy luggage.  LuggAgent charge about $20 to $70 US dollars on the first luggage and from the second luggage it will be half price. Price depens on your location. For example Thailand and Taipei it is $20 dollars for the first luggage and $10 dollars for the second one. 

Looking for a discount code? You can enter “HKholiday” when you book and you will receive 3 US dollars discount.
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3 US Dollars discount code: HKholiday

You can click this link to visit LuggAgent website:



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You can check your luggent location from LuggAgent mobile app

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Size must under 180 CM, Weight limit is 32 KG. There is also up to US$1,600 Insurance Coverage per suitcase.

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