Ctrip latest discount code (Codes Keep Updating)

Many of my readers recently ask me about Ctrip discount code. For those haven’t heard of Ctrip, ctrip is one of the biggest China travel booking website. Since many people in China is using ctrip therefore Ctrip can bargin a very cheap hotel price especially for Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand hotel.  Their rate can beat Agoda and Expedia all the times. 


In this post, I will keep update the ctrip latest discount code. Therefore you can bookmark this page if necessary.

Update on 2017-2-8
1. Earn Asia Miles when you book hotel on ctrip.com
HKD22 = 3 miles
Promotion Code: AML
Promotion Period: No end date yet
Booking link 



Update on 2017-1-20

2. Get HK$200 off when you book hotels in Phuket, Bali, Jeju, Maldives, Okinawa, Koh Samui, Boracay, Saipan, Guam and Hawaii
Promotion Period: Jan. 20 to Feb. 14


You can go this link to get the discount code: 



However the discount code is only valid on Ctrip Mobile App, after you get the discount code, you can download Ctrip mobile app here:


Great Deals on Valentines Hotels Ctrip



Update on 2016-12-28
Ctrip 5% or HK$50 off coupon
Discount Code release date: 2016-12-29 00:00 am (Hong Kong Time)

Promotion link:

Englsih: https://english.ctrip.com/sales/promo/luckybag/index.html
Hong Kong: https://www.ctrip.com.hk/sales/promo/luckybag/index.html
Korean: https://www.ctrip.co.kr/sales/promo/luckybag/index.html
Japanes: https://jp.ctrip.com/sales/promo/luckybag/index.html
Singapore: https://www.ctrip.sg/sales/promo/luckybag/index.html



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