Keemala Phuket – Phuket new luxury resort. All rooms type has private swimming pool.

My last Phuket Trip we went to Keemala – a new open luxury resort in Phuket. Keemala located on the hillside in Kamala on the west coast of Phuket, Keemala is very different from other Phuket resorts in both concept and ethos – the property’s owners endeavour to highlight the island’s natural resources and local Phuket culture, as well as to promote healthy and sustainable living in their guest experiences.


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Keemala Phuket (11)


Keemala Phuket (12)


Keemala Phuket offers its guests four different villa types. Each of these comes with a private pool and a setting in a traditional cottage, tree house or villa. Let’s take a look in Clay Pool Cottage room.


This room has a private swimming pool which is 21m² and the mini bar is free for guest. This is the basic room type in Keemala resort so it is the smallest room.

Keemala Phuket (4) Keemala Phuket (5) Keemala Phuket (6) Keemala Phuket (7) Keemala Phuket (8)


Keemala Phuket (14)

Although all room has private swimming pool, hotel still has public swimming pool.    (View from the room)Keemala Phuket (13)


The bathroom area

Keemala Phuket (15)




Keemala Phuket


Keemala Phuket (2)

Keemala Phuket (3)


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